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    Default Just going to go ahead and post this here

    This week's Random Thoughts will be the last one I read. Chad's always come off as arrogant (imo), but turning off comments and telling your readers to get their own blog? Please, get over yourself. Just about the only reason to click the RTs link is to engage with the community. Even the author's smug attitude was kinda charming in a Limbaugh-ish way, and added a little bit of charm in context with the commentors to an otherwise focusless feature. Without that community connection, it just becomes another opinion feature with some detrius about a personal life I have zero interest in.

    I realize I'm just one guy, and it probably doesn't matter much if I read or not. My opinion obviously isn't really wanted by the author, but I thought there might be others that might want to give their say as well and this seems like the apropriate place to voice it.
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    I've always liked the column and enjoyed reading Chad's thoughts. But yeah, it does come off as weirdly hostile and makes me feel unwelcome. If he's that disinterested in hearing what anyone has to say, I don't know why I'd want to read what he has to say either. If he holds the CSBG community in such contempt that he wants us all to just shut up and go away, I don't understand why he'd want to continue posting there at all.
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    Yeah, a writer telling his audience that they "do not have the right to respond" is a great way to lose said audience >:(

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    Chad is the meanest Canadian, but I think you guys are kinda proving his point here.

    (I can't imagine what you'd think of Tucker Stone or Sean Witzke)

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    ...what point? That if you're openly disrespectful to your readers, people who willingly and happily followed your column and responded virtually weekly, they won't appreciate it?


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