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    Default When Words Collide - Jun 25, 2012

    Tim visits Heroes Con for the first time, sells a few books and learns four important lessons about the likes of Geof Darrow, David Marquez, Ben Marra, and "Adventure Time."

    Full article here.

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    Agreed. David Marquez is amazing. I'm curious though about you comment on the coloring. I think the colors on Ultimate SM have been pretty good. Do you wish the colors were lighter or not as heavy? Or is it the digital effects that they are using on top of the coloring. Just wondering. I am actually interested. PM me if you don't want to elaborate on a post.
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    Love HeroesCon. This was my eighth year, but it was also the best. I thoroughly enjoyed the hell out of it. Highlights included meeting and talking with Christos Gage, meeting Bill Willingham and attending his sessions, and the Humor in Comics panel with Roger Langridge, Evan Dorkin, and Tim Rickard. Of course, attending the Stan Lee panel was pretty damn awesome.

    Seriously, if you haven't had a chance to visit this convention, do so. It will be June 7-9 next year. I'm local, so I get to be spoiled by this convention every year.

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    So the upcoming Shaolin Cowboy Magazine thing from Dark Horse is just really more text with I'm sure spot drawings from Darrow.

    Hmmmm that for me really means I could skip it cause I want 100% Darrow.

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    Sounds like you guys had fun. I'll haft to see if they have anything here in MN.

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    Your wife is a charmer, all right! Only severe lack of funds stopped her from selling me a Grant Morrison book. Glad you enjoyed the show. I've been attending for several years, since I live in the area. This was the best show so far for me. I thought the programming was especially diverse.
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