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    Quote Originally Posted by Batfan1971 View Post
    Some really great stories here! My second favorite would probably be either A Death in the Family (My friends and i actually voted to kill Jason, Thinking that DC would never really do it LOL!) or Ten Nights of the Beast. Don't get me wrong, i love alot of the more modern stuff like Hush,RIP and Batman Inc but Jim Aparo was my favorite Artist going all the way back to his Brave and the Bold days. Anyway, its great to see what everyone else loves, keep em coming!
    Does killing Jason count if they only did it for a little while? You and your friends may have been right.

    Anyway, whoever mentioned that Paul Dini story, "Slayride". I love that one, but it's one of the rare cases where i felt a story could've been longer, rather than shorter. The ending was very abrupt. Still one of my favorites, though.

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    Morrison's Batman works (AA, Gothic, his current run) favorites because I get all I ever wanted out of Batman comics...Morrison goes deep with Batman, explores & uses & revitalizes all of Batman's comic history, explores all of the fictional genres and their conventions that make up Batman comics history, great nuanced subtle accurate characterization, great unpredictable writing, big ideas (Batman vs God, Man vs God, etc), different story formats, Morrison educates me and gets me into other non-Batman things, etc.
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    DC discarded their history, and now has none. DC will always be in the shadows of their past work.


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