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    Default Kingdom Hearts x Epic Mickey Discussion Thread

    I ran a search for a Kingdom Hearts and Epic Mickey Discussion Thread and I didn't see one dedicated solely to that and therefore I decided to make this thread.

    I'm a pretty straight forward Disney fan and I love all things related to King Arthur, Lord of the Rings, Magic, Historical Fantasy, The Medieval Period, Castles, Dragons and the Old World. With the release of Kingdom Hearts 3DS Dream Drop Distance in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Disney/Square Enix Kingdom Hearts saga I thought it would be nice for to discuss all things Epic Mickey and Kingdom Hearts related with fellow fans. I just finished playing the Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance demo from the Nintendo eShop and I must say that it is absolutely incredible.

    I guess it would also be nice to exchange 3DS Friend Codes (FC) and so here is mine: 2234-7146-6576

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    Big time KH fan even though i have only played 1 and 2 and half of Ventus's story in BBS.

    I thinks its definitely satisfying storywise even if nomura is getting a little bit confusing with his storytelling.

    I want to see a crossover between KH and Epic Mickey and KH and Once upon a time.

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