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    Default Very very very very very good COMIC BOOK

    Here is my Idea of a really good comic book. It's called Lucid dreams and it's about Angels and Demons. It's got a Protagonist named Lucid who has blue sky moving white clouds for eyes. And has a lot of super powers. This guy obviously is the good guy and he must stop demons from taking over the world. It's a simple story I know BUt I got a whole lot more to it If your intrested. I am looking for somone who can get me through the front door and I would even offer a precentage to them. If you would like to contact me my email is And if you'd like to see some pic of the Protagonist and Antoginst go here
    I sort of have an Artist But if you thinke you can do better than the pics seen onthe other page Let me know we could talk about it. BUt What I am reall looking for is some on who can help us with connections. i'm not in it for the money I'm in it for the fans.
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