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    Default Daredevil v3 Similar Art Styles?

    Just picked up the tpb and am shocked by how visually innovative the art is. It seems as if its a throwback to the 60s style? (not very keen on comic history) But at the same time, chartering new colors, lines, expressions, attitude. I don't think I've ever noticed Sound being shown in that manner. I'm somewhat familiar with the 60s Batman TV show with the POWs, but those seem to be farcical, whereas in Daredevil it's part of the action and emotion.

    What are some other comics now or in the past that one would enjoy? The 'retro' line and coloring seems similar to Pia Guerra's Y: the Last Man. Anything else? Not just superhero comics, but anything that would have that same retro yet groundbreaking and fresh feel.
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    There are not man many comics with a similiar art style as Daredevil,one of the reasons besides the great writing this comic book is that good.

    Paul Pelletier which is illustrating a story arc in Wolverine have a more classic art style as Dale Eaglesham which is illustrating Hulk.
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    For Daredevil, Ernie Colon established a similar visual language for the power.

    In terms of innovation, check out "The Flash" and "Batwoman" of DC's New 52.
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    I'd recommend checking out the first year of Howard Chaykin's American Flagg!. It's probably the most perfect synthesis of linework, page design, and sound effects/typography/etc. the medium has ever seen, and it's pretty much the beginning of today's modern storytelling. There's two tpbs or a very nice HC. If you're only familiar with Chaykin's recent work, don't be put off by this-- there's no bloated figures or lazy "Chaykin-by-numbers" storytelling.

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    The Incredible Hulk has retro art; Caveman-era.
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    Off the top of my head I would have to say anything that collects any Jim Steranko art.

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    If you go back to Miller's original run, there's an issue where he plays around a lot with layout and visual sound effects. Daredevil's powerset is really great for that, as you might imagine.

    Rivera was most recently on Amazing Spider-man, and he and Marcos Martin were killing it there, too. ASM #655-656 were visual standouts, iirc.

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