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    Default Chessmen, a war comic based on Chess


    War comic set in a fantasy based off the classic board game, Chess.

    Follows the soldiers and royalty of the Black and White Kingdoms.

    Pawns-Basic Soldiers
    Rooks- Officers
    Bishops- Clergy
    Kings and Queens- Royalty

    King functions as a General on the Checkerboard-styled battlefield. While the Queen rules from the main castle.

    Main castles are located on the black and white moons of Arthur and Gawain.
    Arthur- White

    Battlefield planet has varied terrain, such as mountains, wide open plains, hills, canyons, etc. as well as weather that continues the theme of black and white. Like black and white snow and rain fall.

    Pawns carry short swords, shields, axes, spears and knives
    Rooks carry long swords, bastard swords, clubs, bows and shields
    Knights carry lances, short swords, bows, polearms, axes and shields
    Bishops carry staves, knives, bows scepters, shields and can use magic
    Kings carry scepters, long swords, short swords, shields and maces
    Queens carry scepters, knives, bows and can use magic

    The sky of the Battlefield is shades of grey depending on the position of the planet relative to the blue sun.

    Clouds come in different colors. Such as orange, red, blue, yellow, green, etc.

    Both planets follow a feudal/caste system.


    Castes are predetermined by the Clergy who aid in the creation of new chessmen.
    Chessmen are born in labs using the genetic material from the king and queen.

    Chessmen fashion on both planets are similar to those of Medival Europe and Feudal Japan.
    Armor on both planets resemble various Medival armors.

    Fauna and Flora dwell on the Battlefield. From simple cows and birds, to dragons and gryffons. Trees, and by extention forests, are parts of the ground. Same goes for plants and grass.

    Buildings and towns also exsists on the Battlefield. These are "neutral zones" where soldiers from both kingdoms can rest and reguvanate.

    The Battlefield will now be referred to as The Round.

    Knights ride captured and tamed horses from The Round. They usually have to capture and tame horses themselves.

    Vehicles and Mounts:
    Flying Warships
    Single-manned air fighters (Jumpships)

    Biomes are varied in The Round, much like Earth. The poles are ice cold and are covered in ice and snow. While the middle section of the planet is an arid and humid combination of rain forest and desert wasteland.

    Artillery is utilized by both kingdoms. They include cannons, missiles, mortars, catapults and trebuchets.
    Catapults and trebuchets are loaded with rocks, cannonballs, fire bombs, explosive barrels, or any other sort of explosive.

    Troops get from their pespective moons to The Round by space craft shaped like pods. These transporter pods are constructed from the strongest metal in their solar system, Tyranite. Tyranite is used in the construction of most vehicles, excluding single-manned air craft.
    Armor is constructed from more available metals like Jorite and Drisite.
    Metals and other minerals are mined from the asteroid belt, situated in the middle of solar system, dividing the solar system in to two parts.

    Peasants work as farmers, black smiths, tailors, and slaves.
    Workers function as traders, bards, minstrels, store clerks, and miners
    Bankers only serve one purpose, to manage the kingdoms' money and regulate trade in the various towns, villages and cities on the moons and in The Round
    Those in the Army act as the policing force and main line of defense and attack on the moons and in The Round
    The Clergy act as the spiritual guides on the moons and in The Round. There are two parts to the Clergy caste. Combat and Spiritual.
    Royalty are the ruling class, looked upon with either religious devotion or vitriolic hatred. From their genetic material do the Clergy create new chessmen.

    Chessmen are humanoid in form and shape. They tend to resemble chess pieces, though pawns and rooks are mainly prevelant in the lower castes.

    (c) William Gordon Estevez
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