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    Quote Originally Posted by Brainiac 3.5 View Post
    True. The "casting the new female lead" episodes are better left forgotten.
    They weren't all bad. "Sins Of The Father", "Patient Number 7" and "Two Of Hearts" were fairly good. Hell, it was the last one that became the basis for "The Raven".

    Quote Originally Posted by Nate Grey
    I always wondered what became of Nick from Highlander: The Raven. I guess he got beheaded at some point.
    He would've gotten himself a teacher and learned to fight. I think I recall it was said on the Highlander board that Liam O'Brien helped him to find a teacher. Might have been mentioned on the DVD. That whole angle was a last ditch effort to try and bring the show back, but it wouldn't have mattered. David Johanson (sp) didn't want to be Immortal on the show. So he would have quit regardless.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jared
    Better, yes, but still not good. Changing "planet Zeist" to "distant past" doesn't really solve the logic problems regarding Connor and Ramirez for anyone who saw the first movie, and opens up even more questions about the world's history.
    It's kinda obvious that they were reborn on Earth or in more modern times. Even if the film doesn't spell it out. Fortunately as it is, it is ignored. And thanks to the Watcher files and the comic series "Way Of The Sword" and "Highlander Origins: The Kurgan", a lot of the backstory is concise and fits in with the rest of the franchise. Taken from the shooting script, references in the films, the series and the novelization.

    But the Virginia Madsen sex scene is a nice addition, in part because the context of it it so hilarious. It's like, nobody would actually do that, outside of a porno or perhaps a romance novel.
    Or guys who hire a prostitute and duck into a back alley to take care of business.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex View Post
    Hughlander the series is, or at least was, on netflix streaming, and i tried to watch it, because i never did when it was on.
    got about 3 episodes in and the horrible acting from the entire cast defeated me.
    its gets better in seasons 2 and 3
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    They weren't all bad. "Sins Of The Father", "Patient Number 7" and "Two Of Hearts" were fairly good. Hell, it was the last one that became the basis for "The Raven".
    The best I can muster for them is meh. Though the actresses they were auditioning weren't hard to look at.
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