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    Quote Originally Posted by DeadXMan View Post
    Ok so

    The norse powered Mecha Nazis attacked and the Thunderbolts stop them but the desied to go on vacation IN TIME!!!!!!!!!
    but they messed up and now arequamtium leaping around wronging what once went right.
    and Luke Cage is like
    I'm quiting for thousandth time
    Then The DA show up
    and he like LUKE SMASH!!!!!
    but it turns out the gov has put them on the payroll
    So he brings in Hulk jr
    and Doom Is fighting Sharks the size of battle ships....
    Don't forget Songbird will find a super special awesome dark secret that plans to kill everyone in September!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dbcb314 View Post
    Is the book going to stay in the present time or is it going to be bouncing back and forth between the two groups?
    I have absolutely zero interest in the old thunderbolts anymore as this time traveling arc + no more juggernaut + hardly any Cage ruined the book for me. I got intrigued by #175 and the Dark Avengers (SKAAR! plus Cage) but then I see #176 and it looks like it is going back in time again.
    If it is going back and forth, I want no part of this book.
    I'm guessing you only joined post-Siege?
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