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    Quote Originally Posted by HeroxMatt2.0 View Post
    Who's the girl with short hair?

    I actually really like the art. It's gritty without being too "line-y" and the colours and inks have a wonderful effect. Just from those preview pages do we get a great range of light and dark, and shadows. Kind of reminds me of Kev Walker's art.
    Princess Python is the crop-top.

    just not a fan of the art. Ant-Man's costume is still awful-looking. and the women are unattractive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YouthofToday View Post
    He's only co-writing that mini though, so he could still have time to draw!
    Did you actually click on my link? Because it's a new ON-GOING book he's doing now. You're just thinking of the mini-seris. Now he's got a full on-going to do over there now. I suppose he could still draw Secret Avengers, but he appears to be putting his full energy into this new on-going.
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