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    The ones with Morbius hold a special place in my heart LOL

    Doing a random Google search for Morbius got me into comics in the first place.

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    And look at it this way; the comics actually had him chase a villain to the ends of the Earth. The arc was even titled "Ends of the Earth," which is some really hilarious serendipity for us 90s guys.

    Speaking of Spider-Man, I think if you were going to count the best episodes of TAS, the "Spider Wars" finale would be among them. Why? We actually see Spider-Man through multiple prisms of what he could have been like had his life turned out somewhat differently. Spider-Carnage shows us a desperate, lonely, heartbroken Peter Parker who's had everything and everyone that ever mattered to him taken from him and the sheer hell of his existence has so completely shattered him that he'd rather destroy it all --- himself included --- than endure any more of it. Armored Spider-Man shows us a Peter Parker who had absolutely everything going for him --- admired and adored by everyone in both identities, successful beyond even his wildest dreams, engaged to a beautiful, intelligent, and feisty blonde by the name of Gwen Stacy, and his beloved Uncle Ben and Aunt May are very much alive --- and he's kind of an arrogant jerk. In a way, that makes it rather poetic that it's the Armored Spider-Man's world that Spider-Carnage chooses to stage his final revenge on the world that scorned him, because it pits a Spider-Man that has had everything against a Spider-Man that has had everything taken from him. Even better, it ends with a sweet epiphany from "our" Spider-Man, who finally realizes that his life is a lot better than he used to think it was and even jokes a bit to Stan "The Man" himself: "We all have to grow up some time, Stan. Even us characters of fiction."
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    The first Insidious Six 2-parter - Doctor Octopus, Scorpion, Chameleon, Shocker, Rhino, and Mysterio - working, and eventually, fighting against, each other, under the Kingpin's thumb - used to capture / unmask Spider-Man, and attack Silvermane. Fantastic simulations out of Mysterio's holo-cubes, and Octavius was quite the "gentlemanly" doctor.

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    A snippet of my nomination

    You can see why its my favorite episode for obvious reasons

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    Venom's episodes were my favs...I didn't love the final season as much, but still solid stuff. Also loved seeing Blade and when Smythe turned into that Vampire thing

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    The Alien Costume/Venom episodes
    The Six Forgotten Warriors arc
    Spider Wars finale as a kid pissed me off but looking back it was actually pretty good and a decent enough sendoff.
    And Secret Wars wasn't bad.
    A personal favorite for just pulling at the heart strings was Harry's last episode were at Peter's wedding Liz talks him down.

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    I enjoyed the first parter of the X-men/Spider-man team up.

    s well as the Wedding and the team up with Daredevil.

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    "Doctor Octopus:Armed and Dangerous".A great debut of my favourite Spiderman villain and a nice fight scenes(with Spiderman's agility vs Ock's deadly arms).Too bad they ruined him in later episodes.

    The alien costume trilogy was so good,it inspided both Spiderman 3 movie and Spectacular Spiderman's version of the alien symbiote.

    Enter the Green Goblin.A great debut of Green Goblin.

    Turning Point is IMO the best episode in any Marvel animated show during the 90s.It managed to be highly dramatic and powerfull despite the heavy censorship.That's an achievement.
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