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    Default Larry Hama Deploys "G.I. Joe" to Comic-Con International

    "G.I. Joe: Real American Hero" drops in Comic-Con International in San Diego for a two-part story arc beginning in July's #180. CBR spoke with writer Larry Hama about the arc and what Cobra's plotting in Hall H.

    Full article here.

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    Default Hama Rules!

    This sounds like a fun arc, along the lines of the over-the-top situations that Hama would have conceived for GI Joe back in the day. I've enjoyed the hell out of Hama's RAH since he resumed the Marvel continuity at IDW two years ago. Every issue has be a slam-dunk, one of the best ongoing adventure series out there today.

    Now, Larry -- Bring back Nth Man, please!!

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    Man, I've been torn about G.I. Joe at IDW. While I've been enjoying the new continuity with it's more "serious" take on things since issue #0, ARAH looks more and more like the classic fun Joes that I initially grew up with (I still have my first printing of 1982's issue #1 somewhere). #180 might be my chance to jump back aboard ARAH...
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    Same here, I am jumping on board with this arc. Sounds fun as hell!
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    This looks cool but there should be at least 50% more attendees stuffed into that overhead shot, complete with guys turning sideways to bypass a "clot" in the middle of the stream. LOL!

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    Shipwreck was supposed to be part of the mission but he "accidentally" made a wrong turn towards Tijuana.

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    After the IDW Complete Collection OHC's of Marvel's "G.I. Joe" were announced, I decided to finally get around to reading my old collection of that title. I'd pieced together everything from that era expect a few issues near the very end, but had only read the middle portion during my earliest comic collecting days.

    Many people have already commented on the high-quality construction/presentation of the OHC reprints. I wanted to take some time to look back at the original story content.

    Issues 1-12 (i.e. what was reprinted in the already-released “G.I. Joe: The Complete Collection” Volume 1)

    Issues 13-25 (i.e. the upcoming "G.I. Joe: The Complete Collection” Volume 2)

    Reading these made me really felt like a kid again, getting back into that whole world. It is amazing how comics can often do that.

    I had a few nitpicks as the series gradually became more consistent and didn't enjoy the earliest issues as much as some have... however, the multi-part storyline in the second collection was great.
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