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    Quote Originally Posted by Otchofriend View Post
    Yep, all the time!

    I work in a library in Vacaville which is part of the solano county, so I have access to numerous other branches. Also, I live in sacramemto and have access to Sac's branches too! I'm a lucky guy.

    @DonC When I was living in Ohio, my parents and I used that extensively.
    Yep, when I lived in S.F. and Sacramento, I'd use the libraries several times a week, mostly to get books requested from Link+. Say what you will about California, but its library and book sharing system is ace (at least if you live in one of the larger cities).
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    Quote Originally Posted by DonC View Post
    The state of Ohio actually has something called the OhioLink system. Participating libraries will loan out books to patrons in other parts of the state. I've read Crossing Midnight, Lucifer, Walking Dead, Invincible, Preacher, the works of Richard Sala, countless superhero trades and many more from the library. Right now, I have three volumes of Fables checked out and Dark Horse's translation of Blacksad I read about in the Foreign Language Comics thread waiting for me.
    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron Kashtan View Post
    It depends on where in Florida you are. In Gainesville, the Alachua County public library has an incredible collection of comics and actually brings in cartoonists to talk about comics and do workshops. Also, the biannual Friends of the Library book sale is the biggest event of its kind in the state, and often has a large selection of comics, although that seems to vary from one sale to the next.
    Quote Originally Posted by Expletive Deleted View Post
    Don't forget about interlibrary loan. Some public libraries are scaling back or adding small fees for the service, but it never hurts to ask.

    Also, you might want to make use of WorldCat, which lets you search thousands of library catalogs at once. If you search for a specific book and then give it your location, it'll tell you which libraries near you have a copy.
    Ah, the wonders of the library system. Good stuff.

    Most definitely give it a shot. I'm lucky enough to have a fairly large library that has both a "Graphic Novel" section and a "Teen Section." The Teen one is comprised solely of trades while the GN one has more collected editions like Essential Punisher Vol 1, hardcovers, and it's right next to the disappointingly small manga section. If you're lucky, as other posters have mentioned, you can have books shipped to a library closer to you. I read so much stuff at the library, caught up on/got introduced to some awesome stories, and saved a lot of money in the process. Definitely give it a shot. You could even call and ask someone to get a general feel of titles they have if you don't have access to a computer all the time. Best of luck to you!
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    My library system has a fair amount of manga, some superhero tpbs (including the complete [so far] Astro City collection), and assorted other tpbs and GNs in its Young Adult section (which always makes me feel like a bit of a creeper, but what the hell).

    I was also pleasantly surprised to discover a while back a separate 'adults only (not porn!) GN section, from which I've borrowed Asterios Polyp, Black Hole, a bunch of Dan Clowes stuff, and I currently have A Contract With God sitting here waiting to be read.
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    I used to know but now i owe them too much money because of a cd i had borrowed and then lost.

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    My local library is pretty good in that it has alot comics GN and alot of comics from Europe,Manga and american comics. The people who order apparently are fan of Vertigo,Alan Moore because there are tons of those comics in the shelfs of course not as much as the french speaking classic comics.

    I use my library to try artist,writers i dont know and see if they are good enough to buy their comics in volumes from local comic shop. Often i dont even need to use interlibrary loan system.
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