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    Default Should Batgirl join the Justice League?

    Right now Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl is pretty much a permanent guest star in Birds of Prey which is evidenced by her not appearing in enough panels and her characterisation differing from the brilliant survivor of a tragic accident angle Gail Simone is doing in her own book. So is it better for Batgirl to ditch the Birds of Prey and join the Justice League? It would make sense for Barbara considering her extraordinary intelligence and abilities to carry out spy missions for the League or serve as Batman-Lite. Maybe she can even lead the Justice League, because in the old DCU, according to Booster Gold #4, Barbara was meant to become the leader of the Justice League instead of Black Canary, if she had not been crippled by the Joker in TKJ.

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    Nah. I don't think so.

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    Sure, why not, because Justice League has been brilliantly keeping consistent characterization between its cast members and their other books.

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    Why do you think Johns would write a great Babs?
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    Saying she could serve as "Batman-lite" is exactly why she shouldn't join the Justice League.

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    No, she would serve no purpose. her intelligence is her best quality but so far on the one team book she's on she doesn't seem to use it. Now even if she did what's the point? Cyborg does everything she could potentially do anyway, and they don't really need a Batman-lite when you already have Batman on your team. They need members who bring something to the table. That and well they should sort out the mess of the one team she's already on before trying to move her around.

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    if we were talking about the Barbara Gordon that existed before the nu52 as Batgirl/Oracle I might've voted yes.
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    lol no. Oracle on the other hand is a perfect fit, which is why she was on the JLA before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Man From Room X View Post
    if we were talking about the Barbara Gordon that existed before the nu52 as Batgirl/Oracle I might've voted yes.
    Well, that Barbara was on the JLA. And not just any JLA but the Morrison JLA, arguably one of the most popular and powerful incarnations of the League.
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    She's redundant with Batman as regards the present League.

    I always thought she should have joined back in the early 80's, though, after Batman quit to form the Outsiders. There was a good bit of fan support for the idea at the time, and she really wasn't being used anywhere else at the time. It would have been a nice way to spotlight her.

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    I have often felt Barbara should be in the Justice League and would love to see it.I think Nightwing should be back in the League as well.

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    I assume we're talking about Post-52 Barbara?

    If so:

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    Not with this current incarnation of the team. It just wouldn't fit.
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    Babs in the JLA would be fun down the road, but she'd also be good as the leader of a new team of Outsiders. Batgirl and the Outsiders, sounds good doesn't it?

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    Yeah I'm pretty sure if she joined she'd just end up as Hal's new victim of his special brand of bullying.
    Batman isn't getting treated to well right now imagine what Babs would face
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