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It was stupid and unfunny, just one too many "clever", cute things the characters are saying.

I mean this is a movie where Hawkeye doesn't even get called Hawkeye (maybe once I don't really remember), they could have made the same "joke" by calling him Hawkeye. It just seemed really dumb, yeah, we get it, they both have bows, it's like pseudo funny cleverness. It's as cringe inducing as when after Whedon has Fury pointing out what Loki was doing sounded like slavery (only he does come out and say it), a few scenes later he has an old jewish man (who is incredibly jewish so you don't miss the point) stand up and compare Loki to Hitler. No Whedon, you don't get to make two heavy handed points about the same thing in a row, that's just funny, either one on their own would have been funny just because of the way they were made, but you don't stack them...that just makes it funnier.

Also, Lord of the Rings references don't feel like the kind of thing Stark would be making, it just seems like a references that's there because Lord of the Rinds was a huge movie that most have likely seen so we'll all get the reference. The timing of the joke also seemed off, maybe I wouldn't have had time to think about why it wasn't funny in the moment if it was funny.
Oh well , you can't win them all. Every movie will have its critics. Most importantly for marvel studio though , is that the majority of fans loved it and that's what counts.