Hullo and welcome to the new Ultimate Marvel Forum, where you can discuss THE ULTIMATES, ULTIMATE X-MEN, ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN and any other titles that directly relate to the Ultimate imprint from Marvel Comics.

And now for some rules:

1. Play well with others. We don't mind a little spirited discussion, but no name-calling, no personal attacks, no trolling and no flaming. No hateful or overtly sexist, racist or homophobic remarks or attacks will be tolerated. Be civil, and we'll all get along fine.

2. Keep it clean. We don't care if some of the Ultimate Marvel titles have swear words in them, it's not allowed here. That goes for inappropriate images, too. Posts that contain such will either be deleted or edited at the Moderators' discretion.

3. No selling anything. That means no Ebay links, either.

4. No spoilers in thread titles. "THE ULTIMATES #10 - SPOILERS" is okay, but stating who appears at the end is in the thread-title is not.

5. No early spoilers. Please refrain from talking about new issues until 12 PM (noon) Eastern Standard Time on release day. And when you do so, use spoiler tags if the discussion is outside the issue's discussion thread.

6. No stake-claiming. If you start a thread about an issue, say something about that issue. "THE ULTIMATES 2 #7. Discuss." isn't permitted.

7. Don't post full articles. Provide a link, instead.

8. No Game threads. That means no Leagues, no Contests of Champions, no Popularity threads. Ultimate comics are too hip for games.

9. Keep it in the Proper Context. The Ultimate titles have worked to be more culturally "relevant" than their regular Marvel Universe counterparts and especially in THE ULTIMATES, political issues arise. Feel free to discuss them in the context of the story and involving the characters as much as you can. Too much thread drift and it will be moved to the Community Board.

10. Keep the Ultimatum chatter to a minimum. It's been three years, and everything has been said. If you still want to talk about it, DO IT HERE! DO NOT start new Ultimatum Threads unless they are REALLY deserving of their own threads (here's a hint - they probably aren't).

11. Don't fan the flames. If you have a problem with a post or poster, contact me or another moderator via PM rather than continuing the problem in a thread. If you see a post that you think is problematic or against the rules, please report it.

Thanks to my predecessors for having a template of rules for us to outright rip off from!

Have fun, you crazy kids.