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    Quote Originally Posted by Mat001 View Post
    By the time she showed up in "Hush", she had made a full recovery.
    When did she show up in Hush?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simonc1138 View Post
    When did she show up in Hush?
    She was mentioned when Bruce took a pretty bad spill following Hush cutting one of his lines whilst swinging across Gotham. Bruce basically fractured his skull, and naturally, whilst it was setup to bring Tommy Elliot into the story, Shondra got a mention as having 'gotten better'.

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    She's in the scene when Bruce is in the operating room when Tommy comes in to work on Bruce.

    Quote Originally Posted by SeventhTrump View Post
    As a fan who had read all the monthly titles steadily since 1989 and as a person who suffered a catastrophic injury that resulted in a broken back, I found the whole "miraculously healed" by Shondra to be trite and a Deus ex Machina of the worst way. If they had instead sent Bruce to some experimental spinal surgery procedure, to avoid the DCU at large, to refuse his spine, replace shattered discs, etc, then I would have accepted him regaining the Mantle of the Bat after regaining his fitness and skillset.
    This is a comic book. There's Deus ex Machina all over the place. The injury Bruce had was one that didn't require surgery, which was established in part 15 and 16. Hence it needed rapid healing.

    Knightfall-Knightquest-Knightsend was one of my favorite storylines but Shondra always remains that should have been cut by the editors. Now, if she had been the innovative holistic physical therapist that Bruce SAW after such an experimental surgery, then yeah, she would be a good fit.
    She was that before his injury. That's why he went to her in the first place and she gave him a prescription of rest for a week, before going further into why he was suffering from exhaustion.

    Quote Originally Posted by mex4173
    Was Shondra always intended to be the out for the broken back, or was the healing power a "retcon?"
    Tim's father was paralyzed as I noted earlier. In Robin Annual #1, Tim waits for his father to leave for a day or a weekend at the clinic where Shondra is operating out of. I believe it was in this issue Jack first mentions that he's starting to regain feeling. I believe she was mentioned on occasion before Batman #489. At that point, she started to appear regularly.


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