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    Default Freedom Fighters speculations

    As you know, already has been announced the Phantom Lady/Dollman mini. By the same team of writers Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, the same team, I must add, worked on the last series of the team. So, as the same writers worked too in the reinvention of the Ray, we could speculate there would be a Black Condor, Firebrand or/and Human Bomb mini(s) too.
    And everything will finish with a new series (or mini) of the FF, set in the Prime earth of the DCnU.

    The point is I'm feeling DC is building the Freedom Fighters in a close way to the movie Avengers . In the last page of the new Ray mini, a Samuel Jackson-like guy want to recruit the new Ray for some homeland security office. And with the same creative force behind the Phantom Lady series, I bet we will see that guy again.
    So I think we will see the Freedom Fighters as the Goverment superheroes, and that guy will be(is) the DCnU version of Uncle Sam. Right now, in the DCnU there is no goverment sponsored superheroes and in a more paranoid world like this one, such initiative would be a logical step.
    Not to my liking, I would have preferred a Freedom Fighters team in an wartorn earth x like.

    Ok, maybe is to soon to speculate. But I like to do it.
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