Can these characters survive if they are dropped during the start of the necromorph infestation of the Sprawl?

1) John Marston (Red Dead Redemption)
2) James Grayson (Resistance Retribution)
3)Nathan Hale (Resistance 1 & 2)
4) Cole MacGarth (Infamous 1)
5) The Batman (DCNU)
6) Wolverine (Ultimate)
7) Captain America (Civil War)
8) Price, Soap, Ghost, and Yuri (MW3)
9) Heero, Kira, Trowa, and Athrun (Gundam Wing & Seed)
10) Kratos (GoW 3 *only weapons, no magic or power boost*)

They are given the same knowledge as Isaac did at the start of Dead Space 2, and have been given suits/ability to survive in space as well as a plasma cutter. Their mission is to survive a whole month in the Sprawl, they may help each other but can not kill each other.

Who would survive, and who would die?