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    Default They Sit and Talk: Equestria and Gensokyo

    While I'm not a Brony, I've been watching Turnabout Storm and couldn't help but think that MLP:FiM seemed vaguely reminiscent of Touhou in terms of characters. So here we are.

    I think that Ghost may have done something similar, but with only Ponyville and Scarlet Devil Mansion. This time, all of Gensokyo (that we've seen) is engaging in conversation with all of Equestria (that we've seen). There will be cake and booze, and the consumption of both are mandatory. How will it go?
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    Things get chaotic very quickly, as always is the case for Gensokyo.

    Also, I can imagine that Vinyl Scratch and the Prismriver sisters make an awesome remix of sorts.
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    I think violence may occur.


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