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    Default Movie Avengers vs. Movie/TV Justice League of America

    Since this seems such a popular topic....

    Movie Avengers Line-Up

    Captain America
    Iron Man
    Black Widow

    Movie/TV Justice League

    Smallville Clark Kent (up to final season)
    Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern
    Bale Batman
    Lynda Carter Wonder Woman
    Smallville Black Canary
    Smallville Green Arrow

    Bloodlust on. Khazan Arena

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    Smallville Clark blitzes the Avengers to the ground all by himself

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    I'm also going to point out Smallville Canary had a canary cry potent enough to hurt Clark. This wasn't any sort of "she does it while Clark is using super hearing and thus is extremely vulnerable to it" either. It wasn't the first time a sonic attack hurt him, but it was the first time one caused him to bleed from the ears.

    Though yeah, Clark has a massive speed advantage and ridiculously powerful heat vision, not to mention a decent level of strength as well. Hulk is most likely the most durable person on the Avengers, but worst case scenario he just gets chucked into space.

    If you took Clark out of the equation the Avengers would most likely win though.
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    Smallville Clark trivially stomps. Without him, the League, as stated, gets Doomsdayed.

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    It really just comes down to Clark and Hal...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aracuan Bird View Post
    It really just comes down to Clark and Hal...
    No Hal is pretty much a non factor in the fight and movie Ironman might give movie Lantern serious trouble. The general consensus in the Hal vs Thor thread was Hal was more imaginative with a better top speed but Thor would still kill him easy enough, Thor the better fighter, better speed, better reflexes, damage soaks crazy hits, Thor has greater energy projection, Thor is far more durable, Thor is much, much, much stronger
    The hammer pretty much deflects, bounces back everything in the movies and can't even be moved by a class 100+ monster like Hulk or..... Stan Lee himself trying to lift the enchanted weapon
    Once Thor chucks the hammer at Hal its over for the Lantern

    The big factor here is Supes, under Rumbles rules in the "Khazan" arena where bloodlusted, CIS-free rumbles take place then Smallville Superman can be all over Thor like a rash. Thor is fast but Smallville is much faster, almost stopping time with his speed as bad guys knives, bad guys in cars, bullets etc hang almost motionless in the air. Smallville Superman is that fast, one second Lana or Lois will be in a bad mood...two seconds later Clark Kent has just run back from some rare flower shop at the bottom of Argentina South America, hands Lois the flowers here I got flowers for you....or typically swatting the bad guys bullets out of the air as the bullets are almost suspended motionless
    Yeah its true magic and bad guy science gizmos have messed up Superman real bad in the tv series but it still required a little PIS or CIS for them to get their hits off on a speedster, Superman can be all over Thor landing dozens of punches before Thor ever gets a shot off.


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