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    Default Lord of the Jungle issue #4

    Anybody check this one out yet? It looks like Jane is getting really close to Tarzan and seems to fancy him over Clayton, also.....I just can't get over how damn hot Castro pencils Jane! My gosh, I think she's probably the hottest chick in comics right now from a visual stance, I'd even put her above J. Scott Campbell's Dejah Thoris covers, lol.

    Any which way, this was a great issue and the ending left me on a total cliffhanger for issue #5 the way Paul D'arnot was left hanging by all of those wild ape men. I seriously CANNOT wait for issue #5!

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    Got it and liked it. I wonder what will happen to the french captain guy, my guess is he dies and tarzan goes nuts and takes out a bunch of those half monkey dudes. :-) I hopes so, I want to see some butt kicking hehe.


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