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    Default Yuri Boyka vs composite Movie Bruce Lee

    The "most complete fighter in the world" fights against someone who is said to be one of the greatest martial artists ever, or at least a composite who has the feats from all his movies. Post Undisputed-3 Boyka, with his knee completely healed.

    If Boyka wins, give him back his bad knee, or give composite Bruce nunchucks.

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    Bruce pulls out Boyka's beard and eats it. After pulling out his entrails and eating them.

    In all seriousness though, does movie Bruce have any grappling feats? Because he's going to need them. Boyka's notoriously difficult to KO, and Chambers partly won because he was willing to go the extra mile, and do it first. If Boyka's back to 100% and is as bloodthirsy as he was in Undisputed II, with everything he's learned during the fight against Dolor, Bruce is down to speed, speed, speed.

    If he doesn't have enough speed, he'll be tapped or choked out.
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