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    Default Favourite instances of Rivals/Enemies teaming up

    What the title says. What are your favourite instances of characters who were rivals or enemies teaming up?
    "After a long absence, the original Thor returned to his comic book, only to discover that comics in the 90s were very different to what he remembered. But Thor quickly fit right in by going violently insane."

    "You know, if everyone the Punisher killed turns out to be no more dead than anyone else who dies in Marvel Comics, he's going to be in BIG trouble one of these days."

    - Both from Marvel Year in Review 1993

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    Everytime Goku and Vegeta teamed up.

    Also Apollo and Rocky working together to get Rocky ready for Clobber Lang.
    Rogue and Bishop's daughter would be called Discharge, and she'd touch people and drain all or some of their bioelectrical energy out of them causing them to either die or fall unconscious. She could then use this energy to extend her own life, heal herself, enhance her physical abilities (speed, strength, stamina,) or discharge it as various energy beams.

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    Hm... some that spring to mind--

    Ash and the twerps teaming up with Team Rocket always made me smile-- particularly Pokemon 2000 and 'Pikachu Re-volts.'

    I remember enjoying a few episodes of Transformers where the Autobots and Decepticons had to work together (i.e. the hate virus and the calling all primatives episode). The comics did this several times as well (Unicron! and uber-powerful-Starscream)

    Batman teaming with the Joker is fun (Batman: Brave and the Bold, various comics), but I *loved* when he teamed up with Harley Quinn in Batman: The Animated Series.

    When I first got into Wonder Woman, I liked that she had a tendency to win her villains over to her side to assist her. At the time, Cheetah 'owed' Diana and helped her out and Circe had gained a bond with her mortal enemy. True, both are adversaries to Diana once more, but I always liked the mutual respect between Diana and some of her rogues.

    Anytime Mojo Jojo teamed up with the Powerpuff Girls was hilarious. They just play off each other so well. It's especially enjoyable when each takes turns gaining the upper hand over the other.

    Similar to PPGs, but different, is the PBS kids' show 'Word Girl' and she and her villains have a similar sort of frenemy thing going on that the PPGs sometimes had with their villains. The main difference is that nearly all the Word Girl villains aren't all that formidable and are far less violent.

    Smash Bros. Brawl also did the hero/villain teamup in a fun way, what with King Dedede being a major player in saving the day.

    That's all that spring to my mind at the moment...

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    Though they'd just been introduced I really liked seeing Ruffy stand together with Law and Kidd to kick some marine ass.

    And then there's the whole Weird Awesomeness Alliance. Love those guys.

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    X2 when the Brotherhood teamed up with the X-men to stop Stryker. Actually, pretty much any time they've teamed up against a bigger threat (Apocalypse).

    Dante and Vergil teaming up before going at it was awesome too (DMC).

    I also liked the Titans teaming up with Slade in the cartoon.
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    Ranma teaming up with Ryoga and Mousse, several times.
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