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    Default Should Hope and Lex Luthor: Man of Steel be put in continuity

    Should Hope and Lex Luthor: Man of Steel (later re released as simply Luthor) be put in continuity
    i for one say yes!
    firstly i think it would fit right in with the new 52s beginings for superman
    and above all else i want to see more of Hope, Lex Luthor's Artificial Superhero (and Lover) whom he Martyrizes in an atempt to Discredit Superman and turn public opinion away from him.

    id prehapes like to see her return and go on a swath of vengeance against Lex for what he did to her and for even having been created, sort of make her ultron to Lex luthor's Hank Pym
    and have superman atempt to help her find her humanity again.
    if they couldnt get Lee Bermejo himself to illustrate her return id like to see Ivan Reis draw her

    what do you guys thank of this idea? and whats your opinion of Lex Luthor man of steel itself

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    Yeah, I think so. Part of the beauty of that story is it's got a timeless feel to it, and can always work with whatever continuity that may come along. Not sure about bringing Hope back if it's not as a villain; then again, maybe just leaving her be altogether is the better option, to bring her back may soften the dramatic impact of her story

    BTW It's one of my favourite comics, when the Delux Hardcover 'Luthor' came out, I snatched it up almost immediately. It's a perfect portrayal of Lex, often making him chillingly empathic, combined with a riveting story, breath-taking visuals and an unforgettable ending. Not to mention a haunting angle to the Lex/ Superman relationship. Essential reading :)

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    I'd say yes for the reasons stated by the above poster. As much as I ultimately loathed "FOR TOMORROW", Azzarello knocked out out of the park here. Loved his take on Lex.

    Also looking at Lee Behemjo's rendering of the costume...the resemblance to the DCnU version is quite evident. The seams, the metallic sheen on the 'S', the longer ends of the sleeves...drop the trunks and raise the collar, and there it is. That IS the DCnU suit way back in 2004. Me thinks Jim Lee took a lot of inspiration from this.

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    Good story, but it doesn't really matter to me whether it's part of continuity.

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    "I can see your soul."

    Still love that line. And the amazing thing is, Kal wasn't lying.

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