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    Default Barber and Roberts Build "Transformers" Civilization

    CBR spoke to "Transformers" ongoing series writers John Barber & James Roberts about their titles,"Robots in Disguise" & "More Than Meets the Eye," and building a complex world beyond giant fighting robots.

    Full article here.

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    I got to say...a lot of stuff coming in to Transformers in the next few months.

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    Nice to see Barber clearing the air on upcoming storylines for these books. I have to say though, Roberts seems kill-happy as of late. I know this was the case with his previous mini-series Last Stand of the Wreckers, but dear sir please slow down! He's no doubt going to mow Ratchet down during this Cosmic Rust arc and God knows who else comes in line with his keyboard. As for use of characters it seems that Simon Furman has decided to retire Prowl on the Rengeneration One book. This appears to make sense as Roberts has been playing a lot with the character on the More Than Meets the Eye title. Just don't introduce Drift into the Marvel G1 continuation please.

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    Sky-Byte and Dinobots......yes!
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    I see Fort Max is working out some of his aggression, but damn, that last move taking off the Decepticon's head. Cold Hard Slag.

    And Tailgate is a champion kickboxer? Really? I just find that funny, since he's been without his legs for the past 6 million years. I wonder if he still has any of the moves?

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    It's quite possible Tailgate... spiced up his Autopedia entry a little. Which would be interesting if Ultra Magnus finds out about it.

    It's an excellent article. You can tell a comic is good if little tidbits in articles like these provide as much source for speculation as the actual book itself.


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