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    Default fanfic Avengers: Plague

    Would really like to get some opinions on it! Thanks


    Thor: “You expect me to fall for this again brother?”

    -The King of Asgard stood in the middle of the street, looking up at his brother. Loki, perched atop a nearby building surrounded by twenty identical illusions of himself, stretched his arms out wide. He started laughing as more and more illusions began to appear all around Thor, their laughs echoing and creating a panicking sound. Mjolnir suddenly burst lighting out in all directions disintegrating every illusion, leaving behind the one true Loki. Before Thor could set his focus upon his deceitful brother, he had teleported away.

    Thor: “Come and face me coward! Your clever tricks will not save you this time, I will find you and you will pay!”

    -As soon as Thor was finished bellowing his threats, Loki suddenly appeared behind him sending a blast of energy directly into Thor’s back. In an instant he had crashed through a building leaving a hole twice the size as him. As quick as he had fallen in Thor flew out with Mjolnir leading the way, heading straight for Loki. Before he could teleport away lightning struck him in the chest and sent his flailing body into a car.-

    Loki: “Is this what you want, King? Destruction on such a massive level, every time we see each other?”

    -Loki spoke as he crawled to his feet leaving the car nearly crushed in behind him-

    Thor: “This would not be the case if I weren’t always stopping you from murdering innocent people!”

    Loki: “Innocent! Do you even know these people? You fight for a world that is not your own, and all its pathetic inhabitants. For what?”

    Thor: “Enough! I will not let you talk your way out of this.”

    -Mjolnir suddenly crashed into Loki’s helmet sending him flying backwards. Lightning struck all around Thor as he flew straight into Loki lifting him into the air. In seconds they both smashed through a nearby roof nearly collapsing the entire building. Lightning bolts struck inside the building all aimed directly at Loki as both Gods of Asgard threw glancing blows off each other in a seemingly never ending fight.-


    Nick Fury: “Son of a ****. They just can’t keep this stuff off my planet.”

    -Fury stood up slowly as he watched Thor and Loki on a security camera slam through a roof with dozens of lightning bolts quickly following behind them. He reached down and turned off the monitor as he pushed his fingers into his eye and let out a sigh.-

    Nick Fury: “Cap, come in.”

    Captain America: “ Whats the problem, sir?”

    Nick Fury: “We have a situation downtown, apparently Thor has caught his brother up to no good again. You know how those two normally work their problems out.”

    Captain America: “We haven’t heard from him in a long time Fury, why do you think he would show up all of a sudden destroying everything in his path? It has to be something serious, especially if Loki is involved.”

    Nick Fury: “I am sure you're right, get down there and find out whats going on.”

    -Fury closed the call and walked out of his room heading for his ship. As he entered the hangar, a slender figure crawled out of the driver side and stood by the ship.-

    Black Widow: “I’m coming with you Fury, these are dangerous people.”

    Nick Fury: “Thanks, but remember these aren’t really people were dealing with. We have been lucky enough to avoid Thor’s anger streak, and it looks like our luck just ran out.”


    -Captain America looked up as lightning struck a building down the road from where he was at. The sound blasted through the air and caused panic in the streets. He immediately took off towards the fight yelling orders to civilians as he ran past. His shield directly in front of him, he focused on the possibilities of what he was about to encounter. Preparing his mind for the chance that he may have to interfere in a fight between two Gods. Captain America had worked with Thor many times before, but something told him this time was different. Something caused Thor to show up this unexpectedly and he could only wonder how bad that thing really is. As he continued around a corner, he saw Thor and Loki in a blur of movements in the distance. The Cap sprinted ahead and in the blink of an eye had bounced off of a car and was looming down shield first towards Loki’s back.-

    Thor: “Captain! This is not your fight, get back!”

    -Captain America slammed into Loki sending him face first into the ground. He stood over the top of Loki, looking down at his body.-

    Thor: “Watch out!”

    -Mjolnir flew out of Thor’s hand aimed straight for the Cap’s head. Right before it smashed into him, Captain America ducked underneath his shield letting the mighty hammer fly over inches above him. Loki suddenly appeared behind the Cap and as soon as his body materialized he was struck by Mjolnir right in the chest. This time the weight of Thor’s mighty hammer fell directly on Loki’s body, leaving him pinned to the ground struggling and screaming.-

    Captain America: “You have a lot of explaining to do, Thor.”

    Thor: “I need to speak to Fury right now, something has happened. Loki is only a pawn in a game that has already started.”

    -Thor walked over to Loki and placed a silencer over his mouth, then stood up and looked above him into the heavens. Nothing but chaos all around him as people ran in a frenzy in every direction. Cap stood behind him, as still and calm as ever in the wake of battle. A ship slowly approaches in the distance, and before long it had closed in on the two Avengers.-

    Thor: “Loki has brought something to your planet that you are not prepared for. He has entrusted his new weapon to one of our own, Captain.”

    Captain America: “What are you talking about? You're not making any sense.”

    -The ship lands behind Captain America and in an obvious hurry Nick Fury jumps out and briskly walked to the two fighting over Loki’s body.-

    Nick Fury: “You want to tell me what the hell is going on here!?”

    Thor: “We must leave this place, we can talk more once we are safe.”

    -As the three take off in the ship heading back towards S.H.I.E.L.D, Thor stands over the two humans tirelessly explaining what he believed to be happening.-

    Thor: “In this, our time of peace, Loki has managed to create a plague that he intends to unleash upon your people.”

    Captain America: “What do you mean plague?”

    Nick Fury: “Are we talking bubonic plague or swarm of locusts plague here?”

    Thor: “It has the capabilities of wiping out entire species at a time, there have been many people who have tried to use this power but none have the immunity that Loki has. I am afraid he has brought about a curse to humans that will spread and kill relentlessly.”

    Nick Fury: “You mean like a disease?”

    Captain America: “Well we have Loki, we have to figure out what he knows about the disease and how to stop it.”

    Thor: “He doesn’t know how to stop it, he only knows that it can’t effect him. I stopped him before he could spread it to citizens, but I believe he experimented on one person to test it’s capabilities.”

    Captain America: “Who is it? Let’s find him and quarantine him now.”

    Thor: “It’s Bruce Banner.”

    Nick Fury: “Oh ****.”
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