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Justice Heroes Elite

CHP 13: A misunderstanding

The night passes by promptly just as the 3rd round starts up. Hovering over the dome close to 100 ft above is the iconic hero of metropolis. Today may be a vacation from the tournament but there is always problems to be solved, the slight appearance of Conner Kent days ago has led them to this unknown world. Perhaps there is no mystery to the whole circumstance; Maybe it is as simple as following what they were told. If they're to win the tournament he will be free; but of what? Something just doesn't seem right, nothing is ever that simple. Looking down the man of steel locates what appears to be some type of garden, a bit interested he descends to the location. Sniffing the air brings a smile to his face remembering some of his childhood memories.

"Beautiful isn't it?"

Looking over his shoulder standing with crossed legs is Ms. Marvel. Hhhmmm he wonders how long she has been watching him, but than again it doesn't really matter.

"That's for sure and smells just as good as it looks," Supes takes another sniff of the flowers exhaling smoothly, "So what is on your agenda for today given the reality you don't have to fight either?"

"It's tough to say, this isn't exactly supposed to be a vacation. In a little bit I may return to the temple and change into something more comfy, since I won't be taking part in any action there really is no need to be walking around in this." She replies.

Inside the Dome Johnny lagel has been defeated by Subzero stepping out of the ring holding his head with a massive head ache. Both fighters return to the waiting area to their respected areas. The next fighters called to the ring are Kung Lao along with Spiderman!

"Whelp it looks like I'm up, wish me luck guys." Spidy says.

"Don't take this match lightly, I've seen some of this guy's previous matches he is definitely a formidable opponent. Stay on guard at all times, this guy is definitely quick with much precision." Green Lantern informs.

"Yah yahh, so the guy is a material artist; but I've dealt with much worse throughout my days and nights of patrol." Spiderman replies.

Not saying another word the wall crawler sprints off making his way to the ring. Hal just shakes his head while smiling. If anything he has learned it's that the web slinger is an energetic, confident individual. Arriving to ring side already awaiting him is the announcer along with the Shalion fighter. Leaping up into the air he performs a front flip landing in front of his opponent bowing down to the audiences in all directions. As a result he receives numerous cheers.

"Thank you thank you, don't worry I'll put on a great show for you all," He bows some more getting the spectators pumped up, "Are you ready Kong Fu man?"

Not thinking to much of why he said that Kung Lao grins as a response. Whoever this nutcase is, it's obvious he's full of himself.

"You've mistaken me with another fighter, the name you referred to me as was eliminated in the 2nd round just yesterday."

"Sorry about that; how bout you and I battle at the candy globe? If you ask me it looks like it could be fun?"

Spidy stands there for a few moments hoping that the MK warrior will agree with his suggestion. Nodding his head Kung Lao agrees to fight within the suggested location; stepping out of the ring is the announcer watching the two being zapped. Hollering out loud is Spidy who falls out of the sky and into a puddle of mud.

"Wow I thought when we were transported to an area it would be on the ground, they might want to fix their machine; not all of us can fly." Spiderman complains, trying to clear his suit off as best he can.

Something is very strange about the mud, it is a bit stickier than usual. The wall crawler soon realizes that he is in fact covered in chocolate not mud. It almost makes him laugh just thinking about it; Something such as this would only happen in a kids movie. Standing to his feet he steps out the puddle of Carmel chocolate. Something else that catches his attention is the surrounding homes which are made of Gram Crackers! What in the world is this place; this would be a dream world for many.

"Ok I think it would be in my best interest to hurry and locate my opponent; the sooner I do that the quicker I'll be out of here."

There is no doubt that the world freaks out the hero from New York city. Within an area near by is Kung Lao who also walks around observing his surroundings. His eyes narrow at what appears to be a strawberry milk fall over a mountain! What really catches his attention causing him to second guess himself strolls across a field many yards from where he stands. It resembles that of a gummy bear, but is the size of a ordinary bear!

"What in the name for all that is good! This is unbelievable, I wonder what the habitants of this planet are?" The Shalion monk says to himself.

Just as it looks as though things couldn't become any weirder, the clouds above made of marshmallows begin raining skittles! But what is really trendy about it is when they hit the surface the Skittles liquefy! All of a sudden Kung Lao feels as if he is a part of fairy tale.

"Wow this place is something else," Kung Lao wonders if this is an actual world or if it was created special for the tournament, "The tourney representatives surely out did themselves this year."

The thought of this destination causes him to laugh, what in the world kind of stuff is this. Progressing forward to commence his search for his challenger, the Shalion member is whacked across the back of his head tumbling to the ground. Reaching over he picks up his hat setting it back over his head before turning to find out who was responsible. Standing before him is Spidy holding a massive candy cane.

"Well it looks like I found you, lets get this show on the road." Spiderman says.

Jumping to his feet Kung Lao kicks the item out of his grasp stepping back a bit putting space between the two of them. Spidy shoots out his web wrapping it around the wrist of his opponent pulling him toward him while upper cutting him. The MK fighter lands on his back rolling over getting back up. Throwing kicks along with punches only results in failed attempts. The speed and flexibility of the wall crawler is beyond that of any man. Kung Lao soon realizes this thinking up a new tactic for defeating his nemesis. Very clear of their surrounding both jump out of the conduit of speeding arrows!

"It looks like we had better watch our backs, this place seems to have interference just as some of the other areas." Spiderman informs.

What appears next takes their attention off of each other; just over a hill marching toward them is a cluster of Ginger bread men suited up in soldier uniform. They carry with them weapons such as swords, bow and arrows, hand guns etc. Peter lifts an eye brow behind his mask scratching at his head. Now the question is whether to fight against Kung Lao or find out what the deal is with this. The apparent leader of the soldiers calls out for them to attack the two of them!

"I'd say it be a good idea for us to take these guys out, before we resume," Kung Lao prepares himself for a collision, "I'm sure it won't take long any how."

Shaking his head the wall crawler agrees, if anything he'd rather not want to have unnecessary interferences. It doesn't take long for the Ginger bread men to surround the tournament fighters. Reaching out is Kung Lao snapping the arm off one of the attackers taking his weapon. Using the now equipped blade he slashes and slices into the surrounding foes; all of them bleed brown sugar with a mixture of cinnamon. Spiderman webs one of their arms together punching in it's face. He leaps over another of them webbing by the head swinging him around before throwing him into a group of his allies.

"Retreat, we must bring in more recruits!" One of the ginger bread men yells out.

Neither Spiderman or Kung Lao attempt to follow them seeing it as an opportunity to finish the match. Performing a flying kick the Shalion fighter puts Spidy into a pile of rocks. Looking for a quick victory the web slinger webs up a massive stone swinging it across and smashing it across the head of Kung Lao. He jumps to his feet watching as Kung Lao falls to the turf knocked out. Moments later they're both brought back to the dome.