Apart from Sousou Motokou himself, what makes Kyosho so powerful that it's at least a match for Nanyo and Seito together?
Kyosho has 1 guy with a dragon, Sousou. Seito & Nanyo have 3: Ryuubi Gentoku, Shimei Ryomou, and Sonsaku Hakufu.
When it gets down to fighters, things get even thinner for Kyosho. It's got Kyocho, the 3-pillared Gods (can't remember their names), and Kakouen Myosai.
(Teni's out of commission.) As fighters, Kyosho's generals (Kaku Bunwa and Shibai Chutatsu) are kind of useless.
Nanyo and Seito have the girls with dragons mentioned above, plus Kan'u Unchou, Chouhi Ekitoku, Chou'un Shiryuu, and Shyuyu Koukin.
Shouldn't this be a stomp for Nanyo and Seito?