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    I didn't see a forum for Bongo Comics and given the fact that the simpsons is a pretty big property I felt the independent forum would merely be an insult to the property itself.

    Anyway, I was at the Books-A-Million out in the town where I work and they had something on the newstand that kinda intrigued me: The Simpsons Illustrated #1 which looks to me to be a reprint of some sort of an older series I know Bongo used to publish. Does anyone have any idea what it is or if it's worth picking up.

    Also I have read some older Simpsons Comics through trades that have been released but I'm wondering is the series still written to a point where it's worth adding to my pull list? At my LCS the only way to really get a copy is to have it on your list as they get very few plus a couple for the floor. That's about it though. Thanks for any help.


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