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    Default Good Hobgoblin trades/stories?

    What are the best trades/stories featuring the Hobgoblin, in any incarnation?

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    Everything by Stern is essential. Hobgoblin lives is also very good. If memory serves the goblin war or whatever was is name, the one before the relaunch was also by stern, it was also good. Personally, it may sound wierd, but I liked what Mackie did with the character with the whole demogoblin/kraven formula plot. Machendale was such a loser that it made him look good. Beware the rage of a desparete man was a good story, except the lame death...
    There are other DeFalco, David and other stories that are also good, however after Stern's departure you have to be careful not to trigger a mine.
    Philgoblin's debut is not at all bad, I would not call it essential reading but the character looks interesting so far.
    From those I mentioned I am not sure which have been reprionted, and if reprinted if they are in print. I't s worth it though to search for the single issues.

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    Start here, and then go here. For the modern incarnation of the character, also go here.

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    Origin of the Hobgoblin - the latest re-release has all the early Roger Stern stories involving the original Hobgoblin aka Roderick Kingsley.

    Green Goblin: A Lighter Shade of Green - You get the career of Phil Urich the current Hobgoblin as the heroic Green Goblin with an appearance from the then current Hobgoblin Jason Macendale, and the original Hobgoblin haunting Phil (this was before we learned Roddy was the original) show up in the course of the book.

    Hobgoblin Lives - It collects the mini that closes the original Hobgoblin Saga and Goblins at the Gate the story that has Norman Osborn, the original Green Goblin and Roderick Kingsley, the original Hobgoblin meeting for currently the only time.

    Torment - The demon possessed Jason Macendale Hobgoblin goes on a rampage and it's up to the Ghost Rider and Spider-Man to stop him.

    Return/Revenge of the Sinister Six - Macendale joins the Six but that's pretty much it. Just a fun action filled story.

    Big Time - Roderick Kingsley returns only to be cut down and replaced as Hobgoblin by Phil Urich.

    There's other trades, featuring Macendale and Roderick. But the former ones aren't good appearances (he gets owned hard by the Harry Osborn Green Goblin) and the ones involving Roderick aren't full stories. More they're subplots that go nowhere since the main story are other plots (namely with the Origin of Venom being the black costume while he and the Rose ally and MJ trade with the main plot being MJ knows Pete is Spidey while the Hobgoblin begins muscling parts of the underworld for the Rose and in turn for the Rose to help kidnap Harry and Liz Osborn).
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