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    Default Restless Spirit move Kiss Me Comix

    Serenade#10 "Restless Spirit" releasedon April 13th has been met with a strong readership response, thathas fueled a new-found interest in the publications that Kiss Me Comixproduces. “'Restless Spirit' has lived up to its, name. The early numbers forApril have been very good for all of Kiss Me Comix's titles.” says Kiss MeComix's partner, Rod Jenkins.

    Serena, still grieving over the loss of her husband, along with JinMoon's sexual attempt (see Serenade #9 for details), Serna decides to mattersinto her own hands for justice and vengeance!
    "Serenade is about toembark on her deadly journey, because she has the point of no return"stated Serenade creator Barbara Coney-Jenkins.
    Kiss Me Comix expects few remaining issues to sell very quickly, to purchase the last copies, visit For those who like to seewhat is upcoming, KMC has provided a link to where you can see a preview pdf of"Restless Spirit"

    Early numbers have revealed that Kiss Me Comix flahship still Serenade still remains the number seller for the publisher. "C2E2 deomonstrated that our readers are still out there and love the adventures we publish, new and old readers alike will be pleased with what's coming in the months ahead." Says Serenade creator, Barbara Coney-Jenkins.

    For more information about Kiss Me Comix visit the main web site , e-mail: or call 773-982-8334

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