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    Default Worlds' Finest now or then?

    After reading Worlds' Finest (btw,pick it up) It got me wondering if this book would have worked before the 52 relaunched or maybe in the days of the pre-crisis, what do you think?
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    It works great now and it would probably have worked great between Crisis and Flashpoint. As long as The Huntress is Batman's daughter I'm happy. I hated the not-Wayne Huntress just for the fact that she replaced a much more interesting character: Batman's freaking daughter. But before Crisis gets my vote. E-2 Superman was still around as was E-2 Robin. And they were a big part of the glory days of the Huntress and Power Girl for me. As was Star Spangled Kid. I miss the "Super Squad" like crazy.

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    It's a little unfair to compare 1 issue to all of the pre FP and pre Crisis books out there. I'd say Pre Crisis was great for getting a regular fix (as there was a long running ongoing), but I voted Post Crisis thanks mostly to Kessels 10 part mini and the Gibbons/Rude 3 part mini.
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