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    Talking the best dissertation in the world - the fall and rise of the comic book movie era!

    HEY THERE GUYS. i am in desperate need for help with my dissertation work.

    i have wanted to write my university media dissertation on the rise in the comic book movie genre, and i need your help for topics, things i can include in my dissertation.

    here is my idea...

    Dissertation layout

    Introduction – 1000/1500 words
    This is typically material that will feature in the opening Chapter where necessary.
    • A concise description of your topic and the rational for choosing it.
    • The key research question (proposition or premise) that you will be exploring and that will form the basis for your argument.
    • An indication of the main research methods you will be employing and why they are appropriate in this case.
    • An indication of key research sources and authors that will guide and underpin the enquiry.
    • An indication of the structure of the argument and how it will be progressed in the dissertation.

    3 or 4 chapters
    • Chapter one – movie research, textual analysis, include dates, chosen actors, reasons why, benefits to the genre
    • Chapter two – chosen actors, reasons why, benefits to the genre
    • Chapter three – audience research, questionnaire results
    • Chapter four – company/production profiles, subgenres, disappointing films, other reasons for the success
    Conclusion - You should clearly state what you have established in relation to the initial proposition that you put forward in the Introduction.


    Dissertation idea.
    The contrast between the early superhero movies and those released more recently. Looking into the differences between particular character types (both hero and villain), narrative structures, target audiences, company/production profiles and reasons as to why the increasing popularity of the comic book film genre is becoming more apparent. Research into purpose of subgenres that contain popular movies such as Unbreakable, and Kick-Ass would also be an option. This would all come together to explain the reasons for the overwhelming success, whilst also delving into why other comic book movies did not do so well, such as Daredevil and Catwoman, that was seen as disrespected.

    Making comparisons between the most favoured characters would be an essential piece of research to carry out, though to find out who these characters may be, questionnaires would be given out to a collection of the modern day target audience for the comic book style movies, whether they be heroes, villains, sidekicks or acquaintance to the main cast. A questionnaire will also be developed for the older generation, asking the same/similar questions that were asked on the first. This will create a basis to refer to when making the comparisons between the characters developed by both DC and Marvel, and see which directions the characters have headed, and the reasons for the progresses. A group discussion will be set up in order to discuss reasons, in further detail, as to what makes them the more favoured characters in both the DC and Marvel franchises. However, essentially it is the casting in which makes the characters favourable; it would be necessary to look into the specific media companies that were chosen to produce such movies, also looking at cost and gross income also.
    Its sudden popularity is overwhelming, though before the pinnacle turning point in the sudden rise, there was a dramatic fall in superhero movies, and Marvel went bankrupt because of it, as mentioned within the documentary titled “with great power: the stan lee story.” It would be beneficial to find out reasons as to why this occurred and how it was all turned around.
    Approaches to realism in which directors have applied to comic book movies, considering the nature of the movies, however these are important aspects of them as it allows the viewers theories of narratives. Therefore, it would be interesting to look into the methods of realism applied to the movies, and also reasons for its loyalty to the traditional 2D features with high amounts of special effects.
    It would also be interesting to research into reasons why the superhero genre was originally seen as a lesser genre, often disregarded and mocked as a nerdy pastime and target audience, with the original films such as batman, superman, daredevil and Electra. Then the films such as x-men developed it into a more popular family orientated blockbuster genre, and the genre grew exponentially.

    if there are extra things i could look into, or things i could include or grab hold of any polls for favourite characters/films/eras, whatever help i could get from you guys would be amazing!

    thanks for reading.

    hope to hear from you soon :D


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    You could always talk about how comic book movies are in the same place in most of the public's eye as it is in the comics, that comic books are seen mainly as a medium to tell superhero stories, whereas there have been plenty of "comic book movies" that weren't superhero based, like the Losers, Road to Perdition, A History of Violence, Sin City, 300, etc.
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