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    Quote Originally Posted by Colinp42 View Post
    Didn't Wolf Cub get killed during Young X-Men? That team was a bad idea on Cyclops' part and a bad idea on Marvel's part in the real world.

    Actually, for that matter, at the end of that series didn't we find out that Dust was slowly dying from Magma attacking her early in the series? Like it was a future story where it was revealed, but the attack that caused it definitely happened. So Cyclops also got Dust killed, just not yet?
    That was a Cyborg chap posing as Cyclops. Cant blame him for that really.

    I also say that Jubilee's death nor any other mutant that died after being abandoned for losing their power should be blamed on Cyclops as a result of the actual abandonment. The rest of the X-men went along with it and should be ashamed of themselves for doing so. Jubilee's situation was especially heinous as she was essentially adopted by the entire team since she was 13. Leaving Jubilee out in the cold was nothing less than her entire network of family and friends leaving her because they discovered she wasn't the proper race anymore. You cant pin that entirely on Cyclops.
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