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    Default Red Lanterns #9 Spoilers/Discussion

    So, anybody else get it yet? I haven't finished it yet, but it seems pretty cool. EDIT: So I finished it, and it was alright.


    So, the fight between Bleeze/Atrocitus ended a little too easily. And Atrocitus decides to hunt down Abysmus alone, even though the last time he faced him he got stabbed through the chest, which seems to magically heal pretty easily.
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    Bleez and Atrocitus make such a cute couple
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    the cover freaked me out when i picked it up but my favorite part was when rankkor used a construct on zox on he freaked out

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    Why is a human Red Lantern so special, any way?
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    Quote Originally Posted by CTpitch View Post
    Bleez and Atrocitus make such a cute couple
    Well, they certainly sounded like an old married couple in this scene:

    What a priceless moment! ;)

    BTW what's up with Bleez and her design? She has blue skin, except for the time when she has not, then she's blue again... She has orange iris, then she has no iris or pupils at all...

    See? That's bizarre... IMO she should have blue skin, since she was portrayed as blue-skinned in the flashback about her life on Havania. But then again, I don't really know what she looked like when she was first introduced, before the reboot. Any thoughts?

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    Sorry to bump this up but its only cause I read the issue recently. Anyway, finally, some plot development going in some direction though I did they just say they are abandoning Ysmault? Also, character motivations has been all over the place... I mean, why blame the Star Sapphires now? That just came out of nowhere. The blame on Sinestro made a bit of sense and how Atrocitus deconstructed it but there has been no reason for the Zamarons to be involved in a fight with the Red Lanterns so Bleez's logic kind of fails in my opinion. Yes, I know, in rage logic is perhaps the first thing out of the window but the connection seems very sketchy. Makes more sense to blame the Guardians really but meh.

    Also, I am still trying to figure out why Rancorr is so special... and what was the point in sending Skallox to Earth to investigate? Just a lot of things that didn't make sense to me though I like Abysmus a bit. Namely because his 'flaw' was empathy and that someone dug him up to cause problems for the Red Lanterns.
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    Yeah, it is kind of flopping like a fish on land, huh? The last couple issues have went way downhill. Like a plot is being shoehorned in, but it's not really working. Dunno. This is not Milligan at his best :( Sad, really.

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    This book is really weak IMO. Jack Moore is coming off as a total Mary Sue. Here we have a totally new character with no cred whatsoever who just happens to come and manage to talk down the two factions of Red Lanterns and use his power ring for something none of them can do. And for nine issues I feel all the Lanterns have done is randomly rage and bump against each other on Ysmault. It's not very interesting to me. I'm hopping off any issue now.


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