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Yeah this list is pretty bad. Wolverine's my favorite character, and he has done plenty to put himself in the top 15, but not the top 5. My list would be something like this for the top 20:

1) Captain America
2) Iron Man
3) Thor
4) Hawkeye
5) Wasp
6) Hank Pym
7) Scarlet Witch
8) The Vision
9) Ms. Marvel
10) Wonder Man
11) Black Widow
12) Luke Cage
13) Wolverine
14) Hulk
15) Black Panther
16) Quicksilver
17) Spider-Man
18) She-Hulk
19) Herc
20) Beast

As far as overall impact to the Avengers franchise is concerned, I think that most of you will think that is a pretty fair list for the top 20...even if the numbers are switched around a little bit.
I went ahead and put Hulk in this list at number 14 because this is how I would list them, other than that I pretty much agree with this list. And I like Storm and think she's a great character but she been an Avenger for like a minute then LEFT!!!