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    Default Traitor Game: Clash of the Chaos Warriors Sign-Up Thread

    Hey all, and welcome to the sign-up thread for Traitor Game: Clash of the Chaos Warriors!

    If you have any questions regarding to what the heck you have stumbled up then you can head over to the discussion thread and ask away!

    Character requirements – A players must play a duo of a Marvel and a Capcom character. Any media/ alternative universes allowed for the Marvel crew.
    Capcom would also include licensed games, which includes a number of Disney properties, Alien vs Predator, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure etc.

    For those interested here's the basic premise.

    Clash of the Chaos Warriors

    The Lord of Chaos Shuma Gorath wishes to further his dominion over the multiverse and has managed to breech the veil between the Marvel Universe and of the nearby universes mainly the place designated as CAP-COM. Shuma Gorath would send his agents to conquer and fuse these worlds into his own dominion. However this breech to another universe would not be without consequences and the cracks would open wider even sending people from one plane into another.

    In the Makai kingdom, Jedah Doma would too notice these strange anomalies. Realizing he could use these new worlds as fuel to expand the dominion of Makai he would venture forth to investigate. His first jump would leave him right in the middle of an invasion by Shuma Gorath’s minions, which didn’t sit well with him at all…after a grueling battle with Gorath’s agents, Jedah would decree a ceasefire and issue out a challenge in the form of a Traitor Game with all the Earths of CAP-COM in stake as well as the Marvel Universe. And so summons would be sent forth to the worlds and duo’s would form…who would come the universe rescue?
    If anyone wants a role feel free to PM me about that!

    Sign-ups will be open until the 7th of May i.e. next Monday!

    Character List:

    Bobisbeast as Stegron & Hauzer
    MichaleCS as Rogue & Roll
    Nicker as Carnage & Nemesis
    HugoFowl as Captain Britain & Cammy White
    Indigo Al as Aunt May & Alien Queen
    Yun Lao as Straw Man & Gene
    Overmaster as Godzilla & Karin Kanzaki
    The Purple Skull as Volstagg & Dan Hibiki
    Kevin M as Ironhide & Zero
    Redem as Tony Stark & Yellow Devil
    Skir as Molly Hayes & Barubary
    Opalord as Dimensional Man and Godot
    Chris Lang as Betty Brant & Lotta Hart
    tangentman as Mystery Guests
    Josh M as ????
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    Up next comes a select screen with 14 Capcom and 14 Marvel characters.

    Viewtiful Joe
    Godot (Ace Attorney) Taken by Opalord extra vote for you!
    Akira Kazama (Rival Schools)
    Daniella (Haunting Ground)
    Soki (Onimusha)
    Poison (Final Fight)
    Strider Hiryu (Strider)
    Captain Commando
    Masamune Date (Sengoku Basara)
    Tron Bonne (Mega Man Legends)
    Arthur (Ghost n' Goblins)
    Gene (Godhand) - Taken by Yun Lao extra vote for you!
    Leo (Red Earth)
    Blood (Star Gladiator)

    American Dream
    Arnim Zola
    Captain Britain - Taken by HugoFowl extra vote for you!
    Spider-man 2099
    Prince of Orphans
    Howard the Duck
    Molly Hayes - Taken by Skir extra vote for you!

    If you pick one character as your PC from the screen then you have a one time opportunity to make your vote count twice. Or if you pick both a Marvel and a Capcom character from the list you get to use it to find a clue for the kill of your choosing. You can also get the second option if you pick a duo from one of these posters.

    First set

    Second set

    Third set

    Fourth set

    Fifth set

    Sixth set

    Seventh set

    Eight set
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    Team Dinosaurs are the Superior Race


    And Stegron, the Dinosaur Man

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    Exclamation Time to Rogue And Roll!

    "Do we really need ta say anything else, Shugah?"

    "Was that a rhetorical question or an actual question because you know that we could introduce ourselves for the people who don't know us and... Oh... okay, rhetorical then."
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    "Hey big guy! Look at all the people that WE get to kill!!!

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