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    Going by the thread's logic, I guess we can hold Cap himself responsible for being a no-good traitor to the United States of America by supporting the National Force that one time...

    EDIT: Or that time Red Skull brainwashed him into almost killing a high-ranking U.S. Military official. Or that one time Nightmare corrupted him and all the other patriotic Americans into causing anarchy and chaos. Or that one time he and the Invaders were being mind-controlled by the Nazis. Or that....well, you get the idea.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Monty_Cristo View Post
    isn't having to be his girlfriend revenge enough? strongest thing in the fridge is whole milk. he only knows missionary position. the tv is in black and white.
    Late to the thread, but this made me LOL

    Also, I picture him constantly yelling while reading the newspaper.


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