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Thread: Reading Order?

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    Default Reading Order?

    I just read Batman and Son.

    I have The Black Glove and Heart of Hush and R.I.P.

    Is that the right ordeR?

    Also am I missing others to complete this story / run?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teedus View Post

    Also am I missing others to complete this story / run?
    Ha... Haha.... Hahahahanaha

    First, Heart of Hush isn't part of that run.

    Then you're gonna need...

    Batman and Robin Vol. 1, 2, & 3, Time and the Batman, Return of Bruce Wayne, Batman Incorporated Vol. 1

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    That is a correct order. "Heart of Hush" is by a different writer and is kinda optional but if you already have it you may as well read it!

    Grant Morrison continues his Batman run in "Batman and Robin Vol 1" after RIP. "Battle for the Cowl" is a storyline that bridges the two runs but I think it really sucks so I would not recommend that.
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