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    Default ComicCritic's New 52 AWARDS - Part 2

    (Continued from thread: ComicCritic's New 52 AWARDS - Part 1)

    These titles were WAY better than I ever imagined they would be.

    All-Star Western - Nobody takes a grim situation, and makes it grimmer, than Jonah Hex!
    For all you Arkam Asylum game fans, you are missing a gem, here. For, they paired Jonah with none-other than Dr. Arkam, himself.
    Jonah travels to Gotham to solve a crime and the local cops will tolerate his bounty hunting, as long as he takes Ark along.
    As Jonah barfights and plays the ladies, Arkum narrates in his diary. He follows Jonah through sewers into the very Batcave!
    This one is truly exciting, with surprising correlations to our time (Even a "Court of Owls" tie-in, coming soon!)
    And, don't miss the back-stories of El Diablo, The Barbary Ghost, and Nighthawk & Cinnamon.
    I give this one my MOST SURPRISING GEM OF THE NEW 52 AWARD.

    Legion of Super-Heroes - OK. I admit it. I am now, and always have been, an LSH Fan.
    With all the different characters, and a storyline that goes back over many decades, I was really worried about DC messing with this one.
    And, the same-time rollout of a 6-issue LSH Origin re-imagining, that didn't even match the new 52, was a bonehead move, DC!
    Like Superman, this title is pretty much DC Legend. And, I thought, should be hands-off.
    But, the true fans will calm down and start enjoying this reboot. We get to see the team's origin from a fresh perspective.
    Some of the details have changed, but its still a fun read. My only regret is that they are wasting early-issue time on new characters.
    They should be devoting time to the mainstays, like Mon-El, not Dragon-Whatever-She-Is. They should've rolled the new members out, later.
    But, all that aside, it has been a great read and has some tremendous artwork.

    Here is a little sleeper that is really turning heads!

    Saucer Country - A Vertigo (Still DC) title. Governor Arcadia Alvarado, of New Mexico, has a secret that will blow you away.
    This one is not for the kiddies, so stay away, children! It has adult language and situations. This has a MATURE rating.
    The shower scene in issue 1 still makes the hair stand up on my arms!
    My advice, if you're old enough, get this on your pull list, FAST! And, pickup any back issues you missed. You won't regret it.
    The shops are not all hip to this one, yet, and they are not ordering enough copies. It is flying off the shelves.
    This is NOT your old man's comic book! BE WARNED!

    Well, I hope you enjoyed my little award show.
    I know that there are many other New 52 titles, and replacements, but I haven't read them.
    Maybe, YOU should write reviews/give your own awards for those.
    Also, I know that you may not agree with my reviews, but I hope you still had fun reading my humble offering.

    Until next time, ComicCritic OUT!

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    Should probably get a mod to merge this to the other thread. Concentrate the discussion.
    I would like to say for the record that this is the FIRST TIME I've withheld dong when someone was so desperately asking for some.
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