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    I thought this was about ComicCritics the webcomic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ComicCritic View Post
    Me regarding Stormwatch: "It's ok if you like it. It's just not for me."

    Me regarding Wonder Woman: "this title does not slap you in the face with their gender preferences. So, it's acceptable."

    Your namecalling: "Noob" and "Homophobic"

    Who is the intolerant one here?

    Why is it, when it comes to an important social topic, like race or sexual preference, some feel the need paint people as either politically-correct, or the other extreme, a racist or a homophobe?

    I have no problem with gay characters in comics, or elsewhere. I just don't like watching their intimate moments and I will not pay money to see it.

    I'm sure that DC understood that, when they did it. I say that they have every right to do it. But, they must have known that they would alienate some readers and cause some controversy (Maybe to stimulate mature and constructive discussion?)

    Apparently, I'm not the only one that was alienated, as sales for Stormwatch have sunk 21%, from 31,095 in December to 24,384 in March. (Source: Comic Chronicles)
    the 21% decent is not that bad in comparison with other titles, and you have to consider that all titles generally drop
    thats normal
    i just dont think that every single one of those over 7000 ppl also drop the boo cause they dont like that there are 2 gay characters in the book
    which always have been in the book, in fact (and please someone correct me if im wrong on this) Apollo and Midnighter were the first gay couple to get married in a comicbook when they were on wildstorm, so its not something that is coming out of nowhere just to bother you

    and most importantly they have done NOTHING

    really they have just look each other and midnighter told apollo that he is good looking, thats it, no kiss, no hug, not even a handshake
    is not like Batwoman which had an lesbian sex scene on it

    so yes, you are an hypocrite

    Quote Originally Posted by ComicCritic View Post
    To everyone else who replied, who agreed, disagreed, made suggestions, corrections, or pointed out facts, I thank you!
    dont just thank us!

    comment back

    Quote Originally Posted by weshes195 View Post
    Well, the homophobic thing depends on a few things: if you can watch a male and a female kiss and touch each other inappropriately, then you should be able to see that with homosexuals. If you can't, I won't call you a homophobic; however, I WOULD call you a full out hypocrite. Same thing with people who would not see the classic movie Brokeback Mountain, yet they are willing to see a movie with a woman straddling a man.

    Also, the gay thing in Stormwatch most likely barely changed the sales, it was most likely things like the writing (some are disappointed with Cornell) or MM not being who they wanted him to be, etc...

    Of course, this is all my two cents, so you could just completely ignore this.
    Stormwatch is not one of Cornell's best works but the gay theme on it is not even problem, is actually one of the things that he did well
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    Dead in a comic does not mean dead. No matter what THEY say.


    Stick to replying to threads and stop making them. You are too inexperienced. In a few years maybe when you have more situational awareness.
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