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    Quote Originally Posted by RBishop View Post
    Oddly, Marvel doesn't seem to have a problem with unmarried folks having sex. Scott Summers/Emma Frost, Steve Rogers/Sharon Carter, Wolverine/a cast of thousands, just to name a few. For a medium that is supposed to be "kid-friendly", they sure are OK with their characters hopping from bed to bed, but they take the one marriage that was working and have it end with a deal with the devil.

    Nice message they're sending there.

    /end rant.

    I have no problem with implied promiscuity between characters in the Marvel Universe, as destro notes below, it's nothing new and adults do have sex in the real world. However, I wholeheartedly agree that ending the one marriage that was working in the MU -- especially with one of the most crap-tacular reboots/resets ever -- was stupid beyond belief.

    Quote Originally Posted by An Ear In The Fireplace View Post
    I'm loathe to answer this question--maybe people should read Gregor Mendel. But let's say Vin Diesel and Jennifer Beals got busy and had a baby--the chances are pretty good that their offspring would appear black, although it's also possible that the child would appear white.

    On a related note, my girlfriend has an Indian farther and an English mother and I would never have known that she had any Indian ancestry at all had she not told me. She has very dark hair (but then, so too do many people of English origin), but her skin is every bit as pale as mine. Interestingly, she is the most English looking of all her siblings, with the four children in the family ranging from "very Indian-looking" to "not very Indian-looking at all". It seems that skin colouring among the offspring of mixed race parents is a bit of a lottery.
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    They used to make movies out of the comics. Now they make comics out of the movies.
    Disney knows where the money is and set the priorities.

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    The movies' Nick Fury was the Ultimates version from day one (even from day minus two thousand, considering Samuel L. Jackson was used as a model almost from the start). What was the need to retroactively bring another Jackson (or a facsimile thereof) in the Marvel universe proper? The movies are much closer in tone to the Ultimate universe series anyway.

    Diktats from above rarely go well with old fans, and new comics fans created by the movies number in what, a few dozens? What need is there to streamline the movies with the old MU?
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    'The new Nick Fury does sound pretty dumb, but Fury is one of those Marvel characters that I think has received its definitive treatment, first in Strange Tales, then in Steranko's "Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD" series, so I don't feel too much interest in whatever Marvel's doing with it now. Best thing is to ignore it altogether, I find - although the internet does make it harder to do that.

    I might try that miniseries Garth Ennis did a few years back, though - anyone read it? I'm a bit leery of even writers I like when they take on established characters, but Fury seems like the kind of character that would be a good fit for Ennis's style.


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