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    Default Chris Roberson, Marketing and the Silver Age

    ROBOT 6's Tom Bondurant connects the dots in his head between three seemingly unrelated events, including Chris Roberson's departure from DC Comics and comic book movies.

    Full article here.

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    So this is how a conversation with a friend of his would go in a month's time:

    Tom - Marvel is so evil. I didn't even see The Avengers on opening night!
    Friend - So you never saw the movie?
    Tom - I never said that, I saw it a week later. But I hope they learned their lesson and will treat the Kirby estate better!
    Friend - Do you think they even noticed?
    Tom - It doesn't matter. It made me feel better at least.
    Friend - Wait, I thought you liked DC better anyways and weren't even excited for this movie? Was there even a sacrifice?
    Tom - Exactly.


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