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    Default REVIEW: "American Vampire" #26

    Doug Zawisza gives "American Vampire" #26 4.5 stars, calling the latest chapter in Scott Snyder's ongoing Vertigo horror story "filled with moments designed to make you feel uncomfortable."

    Full article here.

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    great issue again and again with American Vampire
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    Great issue. Nice to see the return of Calvin, I was curious what happened to him at the end of Ghost War.

    So the old man... he is definitely not an American Vampire, and he's definitely not a Carpathian Vampire. Something new, infected from overseas?

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    Love to see Snyder adding a new mystery with a possible new species. Loved this issue, I was glad to hear that Calvin was going to be revisited.

    They are the same year, but is this happening concurrently with Death Race? With Calvin and Skinner both working with the Vassals, could we see a surprise rescue from Skinner? Pulp Fiction American Vampire style!


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