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    Default Loose Ends

    There are an amazing amount in the UU:


    - Dr. Strange's body being recovered
    - The Jocasta Project
    - Latveria and Dr. Doom (Namor, Venom/Carnage, Beetle + status of the country in general)
    - Wakanda getting destroyed in Ultimatum by earthquakes
    - What happened to the rest of the Six after DoSM?
    - The Avengers program
    - The Zodiac Key
    - Geldolf and how he got his powers
    - How Wolverine and Sabertooth were related

    Characters that have been MIA since Ultimatum:

    Fantastic Four:
    -Alicia Masters (there's no way this character is ever coming back, but could be a foil for Sue)
    - The Inhumans (the fact that they were only used once is criminal)

    -Alpha Flight (were supposed to show up in Ultimate X-Men, but now that Spencer's off, who knows?)
    -Arcade (pretty cool villain, could be used to hunt mutants for the government)
    -Bishop (you guys want resurrections, right?)


    -Ben Reily (probably won't show up ever again)
    -The Lizard! (where is he, there's a movie coming out?!)
    -Deadpool & the Reavers (Shattered Dimensions doesn't count)

    Ultimates + Others

    -The Reserves (really miss them)
    -Bullseye (I doubt the writers even know that this guy exists)
    - Crimson Dynamo (apparently this guy survived Ultimates 2)

    Characters that have been MIA since Death of Spider-Man:

    -The Serpent Squad (Bendis only, probably)
    -The Brain Trust (I guess they were supposed to be the next generation of villains, but I could see them never showing up again)
    -Black Panther (could be really cool under a good writer)
    -Blade (again, really cool character)
    -The Bombshells (really felt Bendis was setting up something with them)
    -The Chameleons (will probably be villains for Miles, but who knows)
    -Boomerang (another joke villain for Miles, possible)
    -Carol Danvers (this is huge, where is she?)

    And this is just a small part.

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    Connors has never shown any signs of a Lizard relapse. I like to think that with all the other mistakes that guy has made in the Ultimate universe, he'd be spared The Lizard thing. Last i saw he was working for SHIELD?

    The Serpent Squad are probably either in some cell somewhere, or elsewhere failing miserably at being super-villains, let one of the B-Listers handle them :P Same could be said for any of the joke villains, they just aren't a credible threat that warrants attention right now.

    Bullseye was pretty much Poindexter.

    Young Bishop is one of the characters I thought the new X-men would definitely pick up! It would make so much sense.

    I shudder every time I try to work out what the hell went on with Doom... I mean, seriously. Did they not have an editor for stories after he walked into the Zombieverse???

    Strange's body being taken was Loeb, I don't think anything will come of that. To me it felt like it was thrown in there are a cliche "OOOOO MORE MYSTERY" moment.

    Wolverine and Sabertooth related? Simple: Sabertooth lies. I mean come on, he messes with Logans head all the time, why was this taken as fact?

    Inhumans need to come back, they are a threat as large as Tian and The City.
    "Predictable? If there were any more plot twists going on, we'd need M. Night Shyamalan to randomly appear at the end saying 'What a twist' before vanishing". - Kurolegacy on Ult X-Men #8.


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