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    So for the artists out there - what is your approach to designing memorable characters/ clothing/ technology/ spaceships etc...? I am struggling to come up with outfits for my characters that arent just another variation of the same tshirt over and over again. Thats just one example. I have the uncomfortable feeling that at least a part of my problem is that i havent been practicing enough but i would love to hear about a shortcut if one exists.maybe a better question to ask would be "how do you get excited to draw something that doesnt excite you?"

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    look up folk costumes from all over the world for inspiration, that's what I do, also I think of a cool character from a movie sometimes and try to base the clothes off of that guy-bot copying but trying to make a variation, for example a medieval archer character but based on design of clint eastwood in good the bad and the ugly

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    Check out "fzd school" on YouTube, his examples of using silouttes for characters is fantastic. Change the shapes up a
    Bit for example body types will be the main thing, big boots, boot cut jeans a trench coat, hat, glasses, hair all of which should give you more than enough to play with. Enjoy the YouTube clips.

    I only draw and paint in my lunchtimes I am not a professional but you can check out my work here:

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    Thanks. I have a tendency to only draw one or two body types and maybe 3 different outfits. I've been thinking fashion design would help but I've never really cared for fashion before. If I could get myself interested in fashion then I could probably have very fashionable characters - like Takeshi Obata.


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