I've always liked the Pokemon console games b/c of the awesomeness of seeing your Pokemon battle on a big screen with non-sprite based graphics.However the battles are executed in the same formulaic way like the handheld series which I've always found a bit disappointing b/c seeing Pokemon in 3-D graphics on a TV reminded me so much of the show and like the show why cant they allow some more articulation during the battle?.I mean like instead of having the Pokemon go along some preprogrammed route to attack why cant they at least allow a few alternate routes of attack so that instead of attacking your opponent straight on to the face like with most attacks you can hit there left side,right side,foot,fin,tail or chest so as add more looks to the Pokemon fighting and change the amount of damage done more or less?.Or hhy not having full control of where your Pokemon moves across the arena?.Isn't that a technically feasible option that can be done?.Or how about having Pokemon battles be done in the same way as the Super smash bros series (I've always wondered if whenever Pokemon fight in the Super smash bros games whether that's still considered a Pokebattle) except with the 2nd person point of view of the Pokemon console games instead of the side-scrolling view of the Super smash bros series,so as to allow loads of action (however my guess is that they would have to make the trainers do a lot of gestures keep it looking like their involved but still..).I mean yeah,with any of these methods it might make look it closer to a kid blood sport like critics have been saying for years but I'd look more exciting,no?.