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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Holmes View Post
    The Smallville suit is fine, but I find myself liking the body armor more now days. Just as long as it's not metallic armor, and more alien fabric.
    Same, but I hate when some people draw the suit like clunky armor :\
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    I have to go with the Smallville suit. To me, it looks futuristic like the man of tomorrow should wear. To make something look modern or futuristic, you have to streamline it and keep it elegant. The two tone blue, the sleek look, the red and yellow belt and the simple boots really pull it all together. It feels like a natural update to the classic costume.

    I never did care for the armor look. If you're trying to update or modernize a costume, metal armor is not the way to go. It's only a couple of centuries out of style. The metal armor and the collar all scream the past. If everyone gets so upset that the trunks are out of date, why are they thrilled with costume design that's even more out of date? I also don't care for the points at the end of Superman's sleeves. They look feminine to me. I'm glad that some of the artists are keeping those busy seams to a minimum. Not all of the new suit is bad, but it has more misses than hits to me.

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    DCnU. The Smallville suit is fine, its best attribute being the belt, I like that it incorportated some yellow into it. But I'm not too big on the Eradicator-like dark blue/black stripes on the sides, and the DCU suit has the red on the collar and cuffs which I love.

    Looking at that JL #1 splash though, its drawn so much better now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Holmes View Post
    The Smallville suit is fine, but I find myself liking the body armor more now days. Just as long as it's not metallic armor, and more alien fabric.
    Agreed. The worst the new suit looks is always when it's drawn to look armorlike. In most artist's hands though, it looks rather more like.. how did Jurgens define it? "Kryptonian Bio-Fabric"? Something like that. It's really cool as long as it's not clunky.

    Quote Originally Posted by MFitzH2O View Post
    The golden age Superman I've read has a man who is very invulnerable...
    That's true. They say "nothing short of a bursting shell", but I suspect that was a reference to Wylie's Gladiator rather than an actual measurement of Kent's powers. Superman would do things like get caught up in massive explosions that would fry a normal man to pieces and he's not singed at all. I figure that's a bit different from Morrison's guy getting knocked over by a tank shell. Still, I'm interested in a slightly weaker Superman, since it requires him to think his way out of situations. "Brain beats brawn, every time", right?
    Quote Originally Posted by Ice Wolf View Post
    I preferred the aura of Byrnes Superman.
    I always liked that too, it's a shame it kind of fell by the wayside, but I still always think of that as THE reason why Superman is invulnerable and can fly, and pick up objects he shouldn't be able to pick up without structural damage.

    On the subject of which costume I prefer, I've gotta go with the New 52's suit. I like the v-neck collar and the red on the sleeves, collar and belt. It's a very simple design as long as it isn't overcomplicated. I've never drawn it with all the lines and stuff on it, but I see no reason why I should either. It's just an updated version of the classic suit, and one I like more than the Smallville one.
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