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Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like it's Steve Trevor's group of heroes going against the Justice League? Maybe Pandora convinces the Justice League to help her after all.
Steve Trevors group is the Justice League.

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Enjoyed it, but a couple of things stuck out:

1) I don't particularly know if I'm all that thrilled with the retcon of the Phantom Stranger's origin. It's interesting (apparently he's Judas from the New Testament), but I always really liked the ambiguity of his origin (the fact that it could've been one of three or four different versions, and was indefinite as to which).
It's not like they actually said he was Judas: he can still have a multiple choice past. I'm more interested with the Questions new origin and who he was before.

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The GL is definietly "The First Lantern" as he refers to himself as "I am the Green Lantern"
Meh. Maybe, but using that logic Guy Gardner was the first Lantern for most of his JLI days.

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Did anyone else find it odd that the time when humans had first discovered magic was described as "centuries ago"? I would have though it would have been millenia ago
Well, technically millenia ago is still centuries ago...

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I don't read Aquaman, but I think that's stupid too. But this thing with Batman is worse because he never does anything to prove those people wrong
Well, he did get GLs ring off him and rescue Superman...

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DC does have a Thor and Loki, they just don't get used that much. Big Barda defeated Thor in a New God run, I think.
He has also been in Sandman, War of the Gods and Kelleys Action Comics run.

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I thought Vandal Savage was Cain.
And I thought he was a caretaker in The Dreaming. It's probably best not to think about it.